Is Obama Care the Answer?

The United States government provides Medicare for senior citizens. In the 1990s, the United States ordered all hospitals to accept “any patient requiring emergency medical treatment.” The State of California had clinics go bankrupt when the poor could not pay their bills. The primary problems are cost and access to the poor. Will Obama Care solve these problems?

Increasing Costs Feared With Obama Care

Americans have resisted socialised medicine due to the fear of losing control over choosing their own doctors. The primary goal Obama Care is to provide access to everyone. But the truth is that the poor are already covered with emergency room care. There have been numerous problems with enacting Obama Care.


The United States’ health care system combines private and public facilities. With the gradual enactment of Obama Care, many businesses are “opting out” to try to avoid increases to their “cost structure.” Under the law, businesses must provide health care for “full-time” employees (defined as working more than 30 hours per week), so companies are hiring more “temporary workers“.


The United Kingdom is warning citizens against a creeping privitisation effort by some clinics to “self-fund” their own health care. This is an interesting dichotomy as the US becomes more similar to the UK and the UK becomes more similar to the US.


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