Encouraging or Forcing People to Pay for Health Care

pay-for-healthcareThe “Free Rider” principle is that people will not pay for something if they can get it for free. With a stagnant economy, the lower- and middle-income classes will struggle to pay for health care. They will sacrifice health care for basic necessities. The upper-income classes will always be able to fund their health care.

Older citizens are the biggest users of the NHS services, so it makes sense to target their needs. In the next 25 years, the number aged over 85 are expected to double in the United Kingdom. The elderly occupy 60% of hospital beds.

People will pay more when they receive better services. Otherwise, increased taxation will be necessary to cover elderly care. UK Health Secretary understands this and that is why he offered individualised care for the elderly as an incentive to continue support for the NHS.

Cost of healthcare America Source: Love Infographics

Cost of healthcare America
Source: Love Infographics


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